7 Winners from 9 trades...

You too could have fast gains from 7 winning trades out of 9 in 2019 alone like:

51.95%, 25.54%, 44.75%, 44.77%, 41.10%, 46.10%, 18.38%. And you could have made these gains from the smallest market moves - Down or Up!

Dear Friend,

In this letter, you’ll discover a fast paced, short-term trading service that takes advantage of a little known investment strategy to make fast and effortless gains of R500 to R2,000 every few weeks.

And you can start with as little as R500! If you hurry you might be able to come on board as we strive for more magical WINS!
If you’re like most sensible South African investors you’re probably having some doubts right now. And that’s why I’ve inserted a complete summary of the fantastic performance of seven WINNING trades out of nine in 2019 alone, to this information pack…
In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll make these gains from the thrilling world of financial CFD trading that I’d like to offer you the opportunity to receive 3 whole months of profit-making alerts totally RISK-FREE and without obligation.
In a matter of days you could be making good money from trades like these:

  • In only 17 days you could have made a gain of 51.95% from a 6.80% rise in the share price of Anglo American Platinum.
  • In a record 3 days, you could have made a 41.10% gain from a stunning long play in the resources company  Anglo Gold.
  • With the powerful leverage in CFD trading you could have made a 46.10% gain in 4 days when another resource company share price rose by just 6.07%.

Now, even though these recent gains aren’t a guide to future performance, they do show you how a small share price movement can bring you phenomenal profits. Soon you could start stockpiling a heap of cash by exploiting the unique benefits of CFD trading.
In fact, a conservative estimate could see you easily rack up gains of R60,000 this year alone.

Sound too good to be true?

Sure, a few years ago it wouldn’t have been possible to exploit this strategy and make these kind of gains quickly and easily without being a fully paid stock market professional. But things have changed – and financial CFD trading is now incredibly accessible and user-friendly for private investors like you. It’s actually the only way the small private investor can compete with – and even beat – the professionals at their own game.
That’s why this letter contains an invitation to join a select group of private South African investors who stand to make regular and substantial profits from this exciting method of trading the financial markets. Whether the market continues to grow in the months ahead… Or if it starts to fall again, you will still be able to make great returns.
You have probably heard of financial CFD trading before. CFD trading allows you to speculate on the movement of the financial markets and individual share prices. But what you may not be aware of is, there is no limit to the profit-levels you can achieve.
And that you can start CFD trading with as little as R500!
How do I know so much about this lucrative strategy? Well, my name is Timon Rossolimos and I’ve been making a substantial income from exploiting the high-cash potential of financial CFD trading over the last 17 years. Now I’d like to give you the opportunity to do the same. I’ll tell you exactly how and I’ll be guiding you towards fast gains of 18.38% - 51.95% every step of the way.
First let me show you how...

You could have made 18.38% off a 2.60% rise in Kumba in just 3 days

You have all heard about the resource giant Kumba Iron Ore. On 22 March  this year, my research indicated that Kumba was ready for a rally. The sector had been riding the wave of positive sentiment on the JSE – brought about by the local boom in consumer spending and with the weakening dollar. As usual, fearful speculators had driven the price of the share below fair value. I had to act quickly, so…
I immediately recommended that my subscribers buy Kumba by opening a CFD trade when the share was at R395.71.
And in just 3 days, on 27 March 2019, Kumba reacted just as I had expected. The share easily touched the recommended target of R406.00.
I decided it was time to book the profit and move on. I sent a ‘close out’ sell order on Kumba at R406.00 In this short period of time, my readers managed to bank a fantastic 18.38% gain on the cash that they had invested.
To demonstrate,
Let’s say you decided to follow my tips and you traded R56.00 a CFD. You placed a buy order because I said the price would go up. Now, every cent rise that the Kumba share price makes puts another R8.00 in the bank for you.
This trade was the equivalent of buying R24,929 worth of Kumba shares. However because you can CFD trade ‘on margin’, you only had to put down a deposit of around 7% or R3,528 to protect the broker against a loss.
Don’t worry, in each alert I’ll also tell you exactly where to place your stop-loss so that you have iron-cast protection with every trade.
As predicted, the share price rose quickly as the investors realised they’d sold the share too far.
Imagine your excitement, as you watched the share price start to move.
You would have netted a superb gain of R648.44 on top of your initial deposit of R3,456.
That’s a superb 18.38% return in just 3 days from a mere 2.60% rise in the underlying share price.
It’s no surprise that financial CFD trading is enjoying such a thrill at the moment. Until recently, financial CFD trading was the sport of professional traders. Now, with the sudden surge in the number of financial bookmakers available worldwide, CFD trading is rapidly establishing itself as the fastest growing sector in the investment field today.
A good friend of mine at one of SA’s leading CFD trading firms tells me that every year for the last three years his company has increased their client base by 100%. 

  I want to bank the next winner!

Why is trading popular with private investors
like you?

The answer is simple, because it is one of the easiest, most convenient and cost effective ways to make money from a huge array of shares, indices and currencies.
What’s more, CFD trading has become an excellent way to make money in any type of market.
This is one of the main reasons why I find CFD trading so exciting.
You see…
You can profit whether the market is going down or up.

  • All your gains are free of UST (Uncertified Securities Tax), ITL (Insider Trading Levies) and STRATE fees. You also pay no VAT on brokerage fees.
  • You only need to put down a small deposit up front – because you are investing ‘on margin’.
  • You can set a stop-loss, so you know in advance what your maximum risk might be.
  • You can carry out CFD trading quickly and easily over the phone or on the Internet.

I’ll let you in on some more canny tricks of CFD trading in a moment. First, I think it’s about time I introduced myself properly.

Your common sense combined with my
intimate market

knowledge – an unbeatable winning combination!

My name is Timon Rossolimos and I have been making a living from trading for 17 years now. I’m going to be working full-time on your behalf, ferreting out the trades offering the highest likelihood of short-term winnings for you.
I am a professional trader and all I do is watch the markets – looking for opportunities to make money. I draw a great deal from my professional training because I believe that technical and fundamental analysis are invaluable in the process of setting stop-losses and knowing when to take profits on trades. This disciplined approach to trading is what separates the novice, who quickly gets his fingers burnt, from the professional, who consistently and regularly gains from trading.
Of course, there will be some losses along the way. It’s impossible to be 100% accurate all the time. But my strategy of netting you large gains amongst a few small losses means that over time you could make a very good income from financial CFD trading.
As a member of my financial CFD trading service, you will be able to CFD trade on over 30 JSE listed shares. And the current volatile market conditions are ripe for sudden share price movements. I closely follow the global markets every day, and if I see an obvious trading opportunity on foreign indices or even commodities – you, the subscriber, will be the first to hear about it.
Just think – you’d be jumping with glee if this were your first CFD trade...

You could have banked a 46.10% gain in 4 days from Anglo Plats

In the middle of March 19, I was scanning the resource sector for a trading opportunity. I noticed that Anglo American Platinum (Anglo Plats) had been heavily sold and was well below its normal levels. I immediately sent an alert out to my subscribers – this opportunity looked too good to miss!
So, on 13 March 2019 I recommended that subscribers buy Anglo Plats at R740.30, by way of a CFD trade at R97.50 per CFD. With this CFD trade, you had to put down a margin of around 13% Because we bought exposure to R30,352 worth of Anglo Plats, our margin amounted to R4,036.50.
This share took off so suddenly, even I was startled by how quickly the trade played out. By 18 March, the share had gone past R785.25 a share. This fantastic 6.07% rise in the share price would ensure a solid profit. Once again, an alert went out to my readers – telling them to sell the share and bank a 46.10% gain!
At R97.50 per CFD, my readers made R1,860.59 on this trade. You will agree, a great performance when the margin was only R4,036.50
An important benefit of CFD trading is that it lets you first ‘get your feet wet’ with small trades. In fact, you can always choose the size of your trade. Your trade can be from as little as R22.00 per CFD. And the more CFDs you buy, the more you’ll be exposed and the higher the profits.
This means that not only can you trade as small or as large as you like – you can enter and exit positions in stages. If you are new to CFD trading, I recommend that you start small until you become more confident. In no time at all, once the excitement of winning kicks in, you might decide to place R22.00 per CFD and go for gold!
The brilliant thing about a CFD trade is that it’s a geared product, so even a small investment can bring you BIG gains. You really don’t need huge amounts of capital to make a mint with CFD trading.
And if, like some analysts, you believe there will be a stock market correction after the substantial rallies with resource stocks this year, it really doesn’t matter! Because,

Red Hot Storm Trader’s make money in
ALL markets... 

up, down and sideways

Stock market volatility isn’t just caused by macroeconomic events such as fears about a trade war, sanctions in South America, or with the ongoing Brexit. It’s also been brought about partly by the electronic system of dealing. In the old days of the jobbing and market-making system there was a degree of calmness in the market. This is not the case anymore.
Of course, this is good news for you – because volatility is a neon flashing sign screaming with opportunities for profit! It also means it’s vital for you to have someone who is looking after your trade for you when you’re not able to watch it yourself. I’m in front of my trading screen most of the day, keeping an eye on any open trades, so I’ll be able to warn you straight away when you need to take action.
Before you know it, you could be profiting from nerve tingling trades like those mentioned above!
You can be assured that I will take care of every detail for you and eliminate all the hassle in getting started. All you require to start CFD trading is a mobile or access to the Internet. Then, you will need the invaluable information and explanation of The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading that I’ll rush to your inbox if you decide to join my dynamic band of CFD Traders. I’ll even give you the low-down on the best CFD trading firms in South Africa and around the world and how to set up an account in a matter of hours.
I can’t stress this enough – many private investors dive into CFD trading alone and don’t have the experience and discipline to win consistently. Some find the market going against them and, without sensible stop-losses in place, can lose hundreds of rands in a matter of hours.
My priority is to see that you profit consistently and that you strictly limit your loss. Which is why I’m excited about the prospect of guiding and advising you. I should mention that I ‘made the grade’ after lengthy and exhaustive investigation into my trading career and track record on the part of my publishers, Fleet Street Publications, who can personally vouch for me.
Just take a look at this little beauty you could have been in on…

You could have picked up a gain of 41.10% from being long on Anglo Gold

My research picked up a solid prospect in the Anglo Gold company. This share is one of my favourite’s – and I trade it every opportunity I get. Around the middle of February 2019 I saw a break out trading pattern forming on this gold company. It was a no-brainer to go long and profit from the upcoming rise. I recommended the share to my subscribers on 15 February 2019, hoping for a good quick profit in around a week.
Sure enough, things improved markedly, and bang on target, the Anglo Gold share price ran through my target just three days later. My readers sold out of the position on 20 February 2019 for a respectable gain of 41.10 %.
The subscribers made money on this trade despite having held the position for just one week.
Such quick short-term trading is one of the beauties of CFDs.

That’s why I want you in on the action

These are exactly the kind of situations I will introduce you to when you join our Red Hot Storm Trader service. Of course, it’s easy to cherry-pick in retrospect.
So how can I be so confident that my service will deliver the goods?
Well, I’m not going to make extravagant promises of overnight riches. I’m sure you prefer to see the gains in hard cash. However, I do sincerely believe that my experience in picking winning trades could easily net you gains of R60,000 in the next 12 months, depending on how much you decide to trade per CFD. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is.
I am so confident that I’m the right man for the job, and this is the right time to exploit this market, that I’d like you to try out this service without risk for the next three months and see for yourself how well it delivers.


  I want to bank the next winner!

Put our Red Hot Storm Trader service to the test with three months’ worth of alerts,
absolutely risk-free

Simply complete the acceptance form at the bottom of this page, and start receiving my actionable financial CFD trading tips by email and SMS, straight away.
You’ll be totally free to act on these tips. Or, if you prefer, you can just paper-trade them. You won’t have to lay out any actual investment and you’ll get to see exactly how much you could make and how quickly. Or you could start off with very small trades of R10 – R100 per CFD until you get the hang of it.
Red Hot Storm Trader is a weekly service and my alerts could arrive at any time during business hours, Monday to Friday. Remember, you can CFD trade even when the exchanges are closed and some products are available 24 hours. In any case, I will tell you exactly what to do and what to say to your CFD trading firm to open or close a trade, including what level to place your guaranteed stop-loss order.
And if at any time while you are receiving these first alerts you are not completely delighted with the service and with the thrill and rewards of CFD trading, you will get a FULL SUBSCRIPTION MONEY BACK REFUND with absolutely no obligation to continue. But that’s not all.
Simply complete the acceptance form below and we’ll register you as a new member on the next page and rush you your welcome package. This will contain clear details of the best CFD trading firm in SA and the world and how to quickly and easily set up an account.


The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading

You’ll also receive an exclusive information booklet, The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading, which will teach you all you need to know about CFD trading including:
  • The step-by-step guide to making successful CFD trading deals.
  • Why CFD trading is a serious alternative to your traditional share account.
  • How much money do you need to place a trade? Margins and deposits demystified.
  • How to set a guaranteed stop-loss and, a canny stop-loss trick to enable you to lock in your profits.
  • How to place limit orders – and let the CFD trading company do all the work for you.
  • The secret of success lies in your position size: how to get rich slowly rather than getting poor quickly like most ordinary traders.
Study all this information carefully and within a matter of days you’ll be receiving your first CFD trading opportunity. It’s as simple as that. And remember, you are fully covered by our watertight 3-month 100% Subscription Money-Back Promise. In fact – even after receiving your first 8 alerts, you can cancel at any time and receive a pro rata refund for the remaining months of your subscription.

But there’s more...

For just R3,700 per annum (or just R925 per quarter) you will receive all the benefits listed above, including:

  • At least 40 highly time-sensitive and spot-on alerts in the first year with the potential to net you gains of R60,000 or more...
  • FREE copy of The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading.
  • FREE weekly updates on where you’ll discover high probability trades lining up, how your trades have performed and insider tips to improve your trading skills.
  • Details of the best CFD trading firms in SA and globally and how to quickly and easily set up an account...
  • Details of free access to a simulated CFD trading platform where you will be able to paper trade for three months with R100,000.

If you’ve decided – as I sincerely hope you have – that you want to start pocketing the speedy gains only CFD trading can offer, then I urge you not to delay another moment. After all, every day you let go by, you could be missing out on the opportunity to double your money or more.
Simply complete the acceptance form to take advantage of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping investment strategy currently available. And you won’t be going at it alone. You’ll be doing it with my guidance and personal tips. I’ll be with you all the way, directing you to the most profit-fuelled opportunities and helping you to pocket fast and hefty returns while shielding you from any loss.

It’s all yours for the taking – make sure you don’t miss out!

for yourself how this ingenious bear market strategy can work for you. I look forward to welcoming you into our select group of shrewd investors.
Yours sincerely,

Timon Rossolimos
Chief Analyst, Red Hot Storm Trader
P.S. If you’ve never CFD traded before – don’t worry. As soon as we receive your application we’ll rush you The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading, which will help you master the simple strategies for boosting your CFD trading performance, achieving sky-high gains in the short term and protecting yourself against risk.
P.P.S. Remember: you have absolutely nothing to lose in giving my Red Hot Storm Trader service a try. You are fully covered by my 3-month, 100% Money Back Promise and even after this period you can cancel and receive a pro-rata refund for the remaining months of your subscription. Enough said. Let’s start your profits rolling in!

  I want to bank the next winner!

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